Li Lei 李磊

Nato nel 1965 a Shanghai, dove vive e lavora.
Con l'IGAV ha esposto in Dipingere il presente e Cultural Context.

Mostre personali selezionate

- Shanghai Flower Abstract Art by Li Lei, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai
- Canvas and bronze, Elisabeth de Brabant Art Center, Shanghai
- Abstract melody, Leo Gallery, Shanghai
- Shanghai Flowers, Z-art center, Shanghai
- Li Lei-Rolf Kluenter, Galerie Bastiaans, Boxmeer
- Li Lei. Ni Hao Italia!, CO2 Contemporary Art, Roma

Mostre collettive selezionate
- The Boundaries of Order, Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing
- 2014 Beijing 798 Art Festival Thematic Exhibition, 798 Art Zone, Beijing
- Perspectives, Elisabeth de Brabant Art Center, Shanghai
- Abstract art - Beijing station, Contemporary museum of Art, Beijing
- Tao of Nature - 2011 Chinese Abstract Art Exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai
- Visible soul - The 4th chinese abstract art exhibition, PIFO New Art Studios, Beijing
- Far Away Beauty Lingers, Other Gallery (Shanghai space), Shanghai
- Reconstruction, Today Art Museum, Beijing
- On ink an wash, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai
- Beyond the Border - The Chinese-Japanese Contemporary Painting Joint Exhibition, Tangram Art Center, Shanghai
- About Art in Space Exhibition@Shanghai Times Square, Shanghai
- Unending dislance, PIFO New Art Studios, Beijing
- Communication Beyond the Times, Wellside Gallery, Shanghai
- Array with no objects, Hubei Museum of Art, Wuhan
- Revelation and emergence, White Box Museum, Beijing
- Shanghai abstract exhibition of seven artists, Yard Gallery, Shanghai
- City.Ink Mood, Sunbow Art Gallery, Shanghai
- Merging Emerging - Art, Utopia and Virtual Reality, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai
- Wheel of times, Number M Art Center, Shanghai
- Chenxiang. Eye Level Art Opening Exhibition Aquilaria Agallocha, Eye Level Gallery, Shanghai
- Another Kind of Test. Contemporary New Abstract, K. Gallery, Chengdu
- Words on paper Exhibition, Fine Arts Literature Art Center, Wuhan
- Lines - Chinese Abstract Art Exhibition, Creek Art Center, Shanghai
- Color of the night, Yuandian Gallery, Shanghai
- The third space chinese text of abstract art, Beijing Jindu Art Center, Beijing
- Third space. The chinese version of the abstract art exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai
- Varied images, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai
- From image to abstraction, Beijing Jindu Art Center, Beijing