Chen Wenling 陈文令

Nato 1969 a Quanzhou (Provincia del Fujian).
Vive e lavora a Pechino.
Con l'IGAV ha esposto in Dipingere il presente.

Mostre personali selezionate
- The Community. Chen Wenling’s New Works, Pyo Gallery, Seoul
- Exotic Landscapes. Chen Wenling's New Works, PIN Gallery, Beijing
- Searching for Identity. Chen Wenling Solo Exhibition, Contemporary by Angela Li, Hong Kong,
- The Suspense,  Today’s Art Museum, Beijing
- Emergency Exit,  JoyArt, Beijing,
- Chen Wenling’s Sculpture Solo Exhibition Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai
- Red Memory-- the First Time Sculpture Show by Chen Wenling, Pearl Bay Beach, Macau,

Mostre collettive selezionate
- The Silk Road—2015 Chinese Art Communication Exhibition No.1, Academy of fine arts, Helwan University,  Egypt
-  The Silk Road—2015 Chinese Art Communication Exhibition No.2, Museum of Modern&Contemporary Art,  Carrara
- Dimension of civilization, Museum of Contemporary art, Yinchuan
- May circumference, Hongkong Fringe Fotogalerie Kong    
- Shape for the age, museum of Hubei Province
- The 10th Art Beijing, Beijing                   
- Vision of Multi-dimensional—First Exhibition of Antnest Art Museum, Fujian        
- The Art Love Life Exhibition--Today 22 Art Space Opening, Beijing  
- Re-Sculpture, 1 Sanguandian Art 2014, Hubei                
- Amusement Park, 798 Public Art Invitation Exhibition, Beijing                
- Biennale Italia Cina-2nd Edition, Beijing                
- The First China Czech Contemporary Art Exhibition,  China Czech Contemporary Art Museum, Beijing             
 - Quanzhou Contemporary Art Exhibition, Quanzhou                
- 55th Venice Biennale, Venice                  
- Of Human Conditions, Hong Kong           
- Ideology and Manifestation, Today’s Art Museum, Beijing      
-  3th   Art Stage Singapore, Sands Expo and Convention Center, Singapore
- Re-history Chinese Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, itinerant exhibition in Shenzhen, Shijiazhuang,  Beijing and Wuhan
- 7th Sculpture by the Sea, Perth         
- Self Camera —— Exterior of the Modern, Changwon Asia Art Festival, Sungsan Art Hall, Changwon
- A Conversation with Chicago, Contemporary Sculpture from China, Millennium Park, Chicago
- Third International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Centro Andaluz de Arte  Contemporáneo, Seville
- Busan Biennale - Expenditure, Busan Museum of Modern Art,  Busan
- Red Hot - Asian Art Today, The Museum of Fine Art, Houston
- Hyper Design, Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai     w<sawq